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Our new 'sister' site, First4Legwear, supplying high quality ladies tights and hosiery, is now on line!

We are very pleased to announce the addition of an exciting new manufacturer to our range of men's hosiery. Glamory of Germany are an existing manufacturer of women's tights and stockings, and are part of the well-known Levante group. They recently started a new range of men's tights, called, predictably, Glamory for Men. The range consists of four models; first, the traditional Classic 20 20-denier sheer tights, which come in colours Beige and Black, and which have a reinforced brief section and toes, flat seams, and a 'male' gusset. Next are the Microman 100 opaque tights, which are designed for winter wear, being warm and quite heavy; they are made from 100 denier microfibre/elastane, and have a male centre panel (with a fly opening this time) and come in Black only. Lastly, they have two models of support tights; the Support 70 and the Support 40. The former come in Black only, and the latter in both Black and Beige. Both offer 7mm Hg compression at the ankles, flat seams, a wide waistband, reinforced brief and toes, and a male gusset. All come in sizes M to XXL.

Prices range from £8.49 per pair for the Classic 20, £10.99 and £11.99 per pair respectively for the Support 40 and Support 70, and £12.49 for the Microman 100. All are in stock now; be amongst the first to try the new range!

Not too long ago, waist-high legwear for men (tights, pantyhose) would have raised an eyebrow, but in recent years, following changing attitudes in regards to male fashion and grooming, there has been a massive increase in the number of male customers who are beginning to find something that women have known for years; that tights (known as pantyhose in the US, South Africa and Australia/New Zealand) are a comfortable and durable garment, with many benefits for them as well. After all, men have legs too, don't they? The number of manufacturers now producing tights for men has increased enormously, and now includes some of the major players in the hosiery industry. The most recent of which, Adrian of Poland, produces 1 million pairs per month! Some of the European hosiery manufacturers whose products we supply are actually having trouble keeping up with the demand, as it has become so great! This is a very different picture from even five or ten years back, when few envisaged tights for men, sometimes (incorrectly) referred to as 'mantyhose'* by the popular press, becoming as popular as they are now; and the demand is still increasing. It has now reached the point where it is tipping over the edge into the awareness of the public at large, and is no longer considered a 'niche' market. More and more guys are beginning to at least give it a try. And we at L4M have been, and plan to stay, at the forefront of this growth area. We were the first, and are still the only reseller to specialise in men's legwear and hosiery exclusively, and we also have the widest range of made-for-men hosiery products, with a number of manufacturer's products represented here.

All the hosiery ranges we stock are made either exclusively for men (Adrian, Collanto, ComfiLon, Doyeah, ELA, and now our own in-house brand, Legwear4Men), or are unisex, being made in sizes which are suitable for both men and women (some Doyeah & L4M models and UFASH). This is NOT a fetish site; we are promoting waist-high legwear as serious, practical, comfortable clothing for men!

We carry a range of legwear, and now bodywear and other complementary 'non-legwear' items, for every clothing situation; sheer, for wear with shorts or trousers, opaques for cooler days, or for stealthier wear with workaday clothes; support tights for guys who are on their feet (or indeed, seated!) all day, control top tights, tights with built-in 'socks', tights for sport, athletic and exercise wear; you name it, we have something to suit every requirement.

Our Links page can be accessed here. For more General Information, see this page.

Our Size Charts page can be accessed here.

Feel free to browse our selection of products, and see our Reviews pages for more personal information on the products we carry; or you can post a review yourself, if you have purchased an item from us, and are impressed with it!

We also now have a blog, which you can access from here. And, if you have any comments or questions regarding any aspect of men's hosiery, or indeed any of our other products, please feel free to contact us here.

We are always pleased to hear from customers, (existing or potential) regarding new products, products they would like to see, or changes/additions to existing styles. We also have some useful Hints and Tips available here.

Legwear4Men is now part of the First4Legwear group.

(*mantyhose was a tradename for a dubious 'bedroom toy' from the 1970's, and is NOT a generic description of hosiery which is made for men.)

Monthly Specials For January

LE D500 STW Opaque Dance Tights
LE D500 STW Opaque Dance Tights
£5.99  £3.99
Save: 33% off
Evona Felix 20 Denier Satin Sheers
Evona Felix 20 Denier Satin Sheers
£6.99  £5.25
Save: 25% off
L4M 210 Men's Base-Layer Shirt
L4M 210 Men's Base-Layer Shirt
£13.99  £9.99
Save: 29% off